The DC Voice Talks with Ward 5 Candidate Kathy Henderson at the Wilson Building

Moving from New York City to the Metropolitan City was a much different scene in the 80\’s.  Certainly, the only skyscrapers buildings you\’ll see in the District is the Monument.  Upon her arrival, Kathy Henderson not only found the scenery different, but how community concerns were addressed seemed much different as well.  At the time, the District was known to Kathy as \”Chocolate City\” and during our talk she says \”it still is chocolate city.\”
Despite the District\’s nicknames, it was the nuance of trash removal that prompt Kathy Henderson to do more.  Especially after her local ANC informed her that she should get use to the conditions because that is how much the city cares.  It was that turning point of trash pick up that Mrs. Henderson would find herself being considered for Chairperson of 5D ANC.  From that moment Mrs. Henderson has been a champion for change when it\’s concerning constituents of Ward 5.
The DC Voice had an opportunity to talk with Kathy Henderson at the Wilson Building as she continues her campaign for Ward 5 Councilmember.  Mrs. Henderson\’s key components are:

  • Ensuring the Ward 5 office provides quality constituent services and ALWAYS answers your calls; Ward 5 deserves a responsive representative that listens and RESOLVES issues.
  • Expanding public safety by building upon the success of significant crime reductions for the benefit of every Ward 5 resident.
  • Improving educational outcomes for children and adults through quality Schools and effective public-private partnerships.
  • Increasing access to jobs and promoting strategic economic development  by leveraging legislative resources; we do not need more industrial eyesores.
  • Connecting Ward 5 communities, allowing us to communicate, plan and build for the benefit of every resident.

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