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3 Key Issues Facing Ward 1

After doing extensive research on the key issues that face Ward 1, I found that the list extends much further than the average metropolitan could even imagine, and even further than the most educated government official’s knowledge base. I also realized that the specificity within each issue is crucial to explore because of all the existing issues. Deciding to delve into issues such as crime, accessibility and inclusivity, and education, help the average citizen get a better understanding of the reality of each issue. Rather than seeing each issue on the surface, picking apart, those issues can help us all move closer to making the big changes and decisions that will resolve these major problems plaguing this great community. 


Crime is and has been one of the key issues facing Ward 1. Recently, DC has experienced the highest increase in homicides, it is reported, in virtually two decades. Carjacking has also reportedly tripled since 2019. Crime is an issue that not only DC residents face, but is also one that individuals who visit the city face as well. The high amount of crime is a tough issue to face alone, but how to address the issue is another matter. The lack of resources that the Metropolitan Police Department has to investigate and respond to crime also falls under this key issue. This, along with the lack of monitoring excessive use of force, and proper response to varying crises – including but not limited to mental health situations – is also an aspect of the heavy crime issue that Ward 1 struggles to face. 

Accessibility and Inclusivity 

The accessibility and inclusivity issues that plague the African American community, the Disabled community, and the LGBTQ+ community are also at the top of the list when exploring the key issues of Ward 1. The African American community faces substantial levels of inappropriate violence, resulting in bodily harm or death when dealing with the police in Ward 1 and, of course, all over the US. The long history of an inadequate rapport between the African American community and the Metropolitan Police Department is an ongoing issue that plagues Ward 1. The Ward is also in need of the support of preserving the history and homes of African American minorities. The Disabled community faces a lack of accessibility to homes and businesses that are safe and that are accommodating to all. 

Under this umbrella, the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community also suffers from a lack of access to a proper certification process for ASL interpreters and fair screening. This, along with the lack of quality health insurance and access to reliable and affordable transportation are issues that the Disabled community faces every day. The LGBTQ+ community is underrepresented in the DC community, and funding for programs and organizations that empower the LGBTQ+ youth as well as the young and homeless of that community. This community also faces inadequate funding going towards proper education and treatment for HIV/AIDS. 


The issue of a lack of proper education for each and every student has also been a long-standing issue, not only reserved for Ward 1. The issue of educated white and African American students, as well as students that go to DC public schools and Public Charter schools, needs to be addressed. Supplying all students with the necessary resources equally is something that America has struggled with for centuries; sadly, Ward 1 is one of the many that still does. The lack of adequate funding even affects Ward 1 college students, leaving many scrambling to find any extra funding that they can get. Another important issue is the recent school scandals: the inappropriate use of funds, cheating on standardized tests, and even removing documentation of said inappropriate activity.   

Ward 1 needs help, but the first step to doing anything about it is educating yourself. Take notes on the specific details of the issues we metropolitans face every day. Don’t stop doing your research. It’s great that you are reading this article but don’t stop here. Explore the articles that describe in detail the scandalous deeds of the ones who were supposed to look out for our students and learn more about the programs that help the homeless LGBTQ+ of our community. Do this to figure out what contributions you can make to better our community, and to ensure that we lessen the violence, greed, and lack of accessibility.

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