It\’s 4:44, Time To Wake Up

Perhaps if Prodigy was still physically present, he could enlighten us as to which rapper is more conscious Kendrick Lamar or Jay Z.  2Pac could be considered also, but not sure it would be reasonable since Jay Z makes recent reference to him wearing a nose ring.

The Arrival

Technology has advanced us beyond the paper road maps, and many traveled the distance to listen to the highly hyped 13th studio album of Shawn Carter.  The scene at the Sprint Store for the TIDALXSprint Pop Up Album release of 4:44 was standing room only with many standing outside enjoying the innovative introduction to 4:44 with the sounds of DJ QuickSilva on the 1\’s and 2\’s.  Still not 100% certain as to what the whole 4:44 TIDAL means – that\’s called word play- but anyway, he will clear up any misconceptions or doubts.

The Doors Are Open

Luckily TIDAL is a music streaming source and not a GPS system because Downtown Silver Spring has been mapped out as DC now.  Despite geographical locations, many people showed up ready for the release of 4:44, Shawn Carters 13th music studio album.  Before Jay Z could arrive at the TIDALXSprint Pop Up he had to but in some major work, and now much has changed from his lifestyle to lyrics.  Let\’s just reflect on America in the last 4 years and how his music has influenced the rap culture.

Four years after his 2013 \”Magna Carter Holy Grail\” studio release, Shawn Carter jumped on the campaign trail with HER.  That didn\’t interfere with putting some \”love on top\” of his wife Beyonce\’ not once, but twice, and came out with three bundles of joy.  Moving right along, then comes generating a buzz for \”Black Lives Matter\” where many marched across America holding up \”Jobs, Justice, and Equality\” signs instead of \”It\’s the Rock\” sign.  After making a monetary contribution to the movement; which didn\’t resonate at the voting booth, Jay Z announced he would bail black men out of jail.  Only for all of those efforts to result in a major sting – Donald Trump becomes President of the 2016 election.

Suppose Jay Z may have some subconscious challenges, but he managed to stay in position, and spark some life back into Al Sharpton\’s selfie game.  The preacher should never have a bad photo that isn\’t worthy to be praised.  In fact,, we should \”Smile,\” beyond \”Reasonable Doubt,\” since giving \”The Blueprint,\” to now revealing on his 13th studio album his mother may be a lesbian.  The delivery of that line is fitting and comes at a perfect time since the LGBT community is more acclimated in today\’s society prior to Al Sharpton\’s selfie days.

It\’s Time 4:44

The first track played at the TIDALXSprint Pop Up album release was \”Kill Jay Z.\” Then \”4:44,\” \”Smile,\” and, I stayed until \”Bam!\”  After his 13th album, it\’s evident that Jay Z\’s marketing strategy has evolved.  4:44 was a more innovative approach, not sure if sales is the primary focus, but he has managed to leverage the new wave medium of online streaming.  The source TIDAL has subscribers which offer exclusive services such as being able to stream the album from their smart phone, along with other offerings.  This exclusive TIDALXSprint market merger\’s goal is to provide Sprint customers the opportunity to stream the online service for 6 months free of charge.  This strategy secures the sales with the added value to shopping online.  Most importantly this merger will support the 1 Million Project, an initiative that will connect 1 million low-income U.S. high school students who don\’t have internet access at home.

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