5 Best Amplified Cell Phone for People with Hearing Problems

August 7, 2019 by Gratian
People with hearing problems often have difficulty using smartphones due to low volume or interference. Good thing that recent smartphone models are now hearing-aid compatible. This is due to the mandate by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that phones must have sufficient volume and must be compatible with hearing aid. This is where an amplified cell phone comes in.
Amplified phones provide sufficient volume and control and amplified signals (decibels) which can be helpful for hearing-impaired persons. People who are looking for phones of this kind must go beyond amplification. They must also consider the following: hearing-aid compatibility, vibration alert, video call capacity, text mode and others. In addition, using volume booster apps can also be helpful.
On a different note, people without hearing issues are also concerned about developing hearing problems when they use Android phones too much. Find out if your phone is still safe for your hearing.
Now let’s proceed to the list of the best amplified cell phone.

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