A Refreshing and New Season: Spring Time

With change comes some adjusting. Who isn\’t ready to see some beautiful Geraniums, Canterbury Bells, Carnations, or prickly Rose bushes?  I can sure use some consistency with my outside Vitamin D intake directly from the sun, so that alone makes me ready for Spring!

I\’m looking forward to planting a few seeds and watching them grow.  Along with looking at nature\’s beauty from a different lens, a digital camera.  As you all know, I aim to deliver the best to my audience, always providing captivating and compelling content, organic and fresh.  Recently, I purchased my first digital camera in time for Spring – and it\’s part of the Canon family.

Although I took photography in high school and college, I\’ve never owned a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR).  My style was more catered to a manual single lens reflex camera (SLR) moving towards the nearest darkroom for a hopeful development to appear.  So long to the numerous expensive sheets of photo paper, and making sure the right amount of light has hit the paper to develop the film.

Well, this will be a new learning process for me and I have my student hat on, ready to take in all the lessons.  My very first lesson came from bringing the digital camera back to Best Buy because my images were appearing too dark.  I was under the impression the film speed determines the grain of the image. However, in this case, I needed to adjust the ISO speed to see the beautiful images.  After that quick lesson, I went into practice mode.

Here are a few of my practice test shots.  Let me know what you think! They\’re not Cherry Blossom program cover ready just yet, but I intend to capture nature\’s beauty! Don\’t forget to smile if I see you!

Let\’s Spring forward to a great season!

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