A Sizzling Summer Fitness Boost


It was an exceptional Sunday at City Pop Dance in the District. Starting the Summer with a sizzling fitness boost of motivation and inspiration.  \”Show Off and Turn On Your Summer Sexy\”, a spectacular Women\’s Wellness event, exercising with Crystal Wall of MixFitz Studio in Houston, Texas. Along with some great health tips and information provided by Dr. Ijeh.

Bringing her Southern hospitality, style, and own fitness flavor, Crystal Wall has returned to Washington, ready to empower women through fitness exercise that is fun. Adding some southern spice and flavor to your workout.  More than exercise dance movements, \”Show Off and Turn On your Summer Sexy\” was an opportunity for women to learn some important health information and tips from Dr. Ijeh, a Naturopathic Doctor.  Dr. Ann Ijeh is Owner and CEO of Asa Health Network.  The Asa Health Network recognizes that each patient is unique and pledges to deliver patient-centered care.  Asa Health Network\’s goal is to provide the highest quality of healthcare using minimally invasive, natural, and non-toxic treatment modalities.

Through Dr. Ijeh\’s presentation, participants were able to learn the importance of \”health is wealth\” along with which foods help keep the body functioning, and what is required to help maintain those bodily functions.  \"\"Furthermore, Dr. Ann Ijeh emphasized the importance of water intake, and how with age our bodies ability to retain water starts changing. So, hydrating is very critical.  With special thanks to Essentia Water, event participants were able to Show Off, Turn On and hydrate the E

ssentia way, improving people\’s lives through better rehydration.  After an intense fitness exercise, Essentia was right on time, for overachievers.

According to the survey, some \”definitely\” enjoyed the experience, \”absolutely\” enjoyed the experience, and added, \”yes, please have another one\” when asked if they would attend another event powered by the GAIL Movement.  When asked if they feel better after attending \”Show Off and Turn On your Summer Sexy,\” the response was \”Yes! I feel energized,\” \”so much better.\”  A great way to start your Sunday with an added Summer fitness boost and health tips.  To learn more about the Asa Health Network please visit their website.


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