African-American Teenager\’s Perspective on the Dallas Shooting

I am a 16-year-old black male providing an African-American teenager\’s perspective on the Dallas shooting.  In my opinion, it was just an assassination of police. Several police officers were shot and killed by Micah Xavier Johnson. A young man, upset about the recent deaths of African-Americans,  decided to take matters into his own hands. Now me, also a young black man,  am of course upset at these recent events against my people – you can even say outraged.

So, of course, I feel as though something has to be done about this, but I don\’t know if this is the exact way to go about it. Some might say why not or  \”an eye for an eye\” in response to the recent tragedies of Alton Sharpton, and Philando Castile. Which is fair to say, but then some might rebut saying \” two wrongs don\’t make a right\”.


African-American Teenager\’s Perspective

I am neutral to both of these sayings. Something should be done, but not in this manner. I do like the idea of peaceful protests, but they have to be just that, PEACEFUL! We can\’t break and have random outbursts like this. When the police see this, they won\’t be happy. They\’ll see us as a people, get together, and try to get us to break. But we can\’t break! The only thing they can arrest us for then will be WWB (Walking While Black).

But seriously until we show that we can remain peaceful and still get our point across, no matter the circumstances, nothing will change. We have taken similar actions in the past to fight for equal rights. But we\’re only just now realizing that the fight isn\’t over.

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