AG Racine’s Statement Supporting the Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019

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June 4, 2019
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Attorney General Karl A. Racine released the following statement in support of Councilmember Robert White’s introduction of the Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019:
“Councilmember Robert White’s bill to restore the right to vote to incarcerated District residents demonstrates his ability to lead locally and nationally on one of the most important issues that defines our country—Democracy manifested by the right to vote.
“When people violate the law, we must hold them accountable, but we shouldn\’t strip them of their rights as citizens. Most countries in the world recognize that incarcerated people will eventually return to their communities, and that ensuring that they remain active participants with their families and community during a period of incarceration enhances the likelihood that they will not engage in wrongdoing upon release.
“We also know that when the federal government stripped incarcerated District residents of their right to vote 64 years ago, it disproportionately affected communities of color. As the District fights for voting rights and representation in our democracy, we must make sure that those rights are extended to all of our residents and that we right a historic wrong.”

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