America\’s Most Unwanted Protest, Unite the Right

   Sunday morning started out with the soothing sounds of the birds chirping.  No signs of rain showers in the sky; setting the tone for the most unwanted protest in America\’s history, #Unitedtheright2.  August 12, the day America could not make any sense out of the civil rights protest for whites, organized by Jason Kessler.

\"\"    Some protestors from the Black Lives Matter NYC, made their way down the New Jersey Turnpike to come to Washington, D.C. to counter the Unite the Right protest.  Another group is known as NYC Antifa also came to counter the protest rally – perhaps not to leave traces of destruction from their visit during the Inauguration.  The counter-protest appeared to draw in a much larger crowd than Unite the Right rally supporters. 

   \”My number one priority is for everyone to be safe\”, Jason Kessler stated. It appears that #UnitetheRight2 had much more mainstream coverage than protest rally participants.  According to Kessler, many supporters opted-out for safety reasons; not wanting Antifa to use tactics of violence for those expressing free speech. \"\"

   If you search the #Unitetheright hashtag, anyone was able to follow America\’s most unwanted protest in modern-day history.  Possibly, technology has played a role in our perception of America\’s history, but what exactly is a \”white nationalist\” or a \”white supremacist\” in 2018?  Webster\’s New Pocket Dictionary defines a nationalist an advocate of national independence.  The dictionary defines a supremacist as a person advocating the supreme power or authority of a certain group. 

   Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler denounced being described as a \”white nationalist\”. He told an encircled group of reporters at the rally that he is a \”civil rights advocate for white people.\” Demonstrating his advocacy work while millions watch, alongside his small support group, Kessler said: \”a lot of people have fought and died for our Constitutional right and I won\’t be the one to give it up.\”

\"\"   According to the United States trends on Twitter, it was #UnitetheRight versus #ShutdownDC.  #Unhinged Omarosa Newman was caught in the middle of leading America\’s most unwanted protest aimed at preserving the civil rights of whites or countering the rights of whites.  However, that\’s a story for a different day and a reflection of the President who does nothing to confront the AltRight.

   Luckily for #UnitetheRight organizer and demonstrator did exude the character of peacefully assembling for the protest of white civil rights in America in 2018.  Security in the city was very secured.  In fact, from clips of the protest it was an eyesore to spot Unite the Right, right in the middle of all the police protection.  Mayor Bowser did mention she will use all resources to keep everyone safe, and it appeared to be the case.

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