An Empyrean Reaper’s Melodic Embrace

A divine presence arose upon me one night

One that makes the heart shutter; and the mind to flutter

A soul of a Namrah, of bravery, kindness, and Celest 

She embodied an empyrean reaper of death

One of an angelic pigment; of softness and foreign beauty

She dwells a cemetery for fallen soldiers of anguish

Drawn to a grave with a scent of a pure musk

Christened with a name for the servant of god

Anguished by the torment of catastrophe

Lost to the evils of an ill mind– one of mine

With a scythe of life– her blade rebirthed the grave

Of a lucid sprout of light and warmth

A beating heart arose from the hells of earth

Returning to its reaper; endearing her essence 

To pulse against hers, in a rhythm, in a melody.

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