An Eventual Return to My وطن (Home)…

Once again, a vessel set to sail 

To a nameless endeavor; in her discovery 

A precious pearl, a scarce stone 

Embellished with intellect; sophisticated

Veins, streaming intertwining threads of grace

A torrent of ambrosia, of delectable delight

A torrent that overflows, its essence never done

Yet, its chalice poisoned and neglectful 

Cascading a bitter nectar

To a mouth, tongue, and lips; its fate illuded

Drink it full and thorough– digesting it to its dregs

With a fleeting appetite, one of loss 

Of her truth; of her kind; of her luxury 

Its vessel adrift; under apartheid 

Abandoned in an endeavor of prayer; to see her flourish once again

An eventual return to my وطن…”

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