ART Matters

Could you imagine life without art?  It would be quite awful.  It\’s possibly safe to say no need to argue that thought.  A world without art has no life.

Art is Everything

There is no escaping art.  From our home to our car, clothes, shoes, you name it! Some elements or art techniques were required.  Furthermore, no Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, and forget about Hamilton.  No need to purchase any Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Living in Washington, we are surrounded by art, from the architecture of the buildings like the monument to murals painted on alleyway walls, and ARTS ACTION DC wanted to remind the DC Council of the impact and importance of art so they should consider allocating more funding for arts programs and initiatives.  Many arts advocates let their voice be heard at the Wilson Building meeting with Councilmembers.  The main topics of the discussion were funding for DC Commission Arts and Humanities, financial support to implement the DC Cultural Plan along with developing new funding cohort for the Creative Economy.

Art is important because it tells the history of a culture and society.  If no artifacts existed, then there would be no way to determine what role the pyramids in Egypt played in our society.  For something so critical and a need in society, governing officials manage to cut funding for the arts first.  Why is that?  Perhaps they are always arguing about what legislation is more important.  If we never needed art in America, the time is now.  We must create a more beautiful world than building walls to keep people out.


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