Ayesha Curry:  I Get It.


Ayesha Curry recently came under fire for expressing her insecurities on the “Red Table Talk” with Jada Pinkett, over the lack of male attention. As the well-known wife of NBA basketball player, Stephen Curry, mother to their three beautiful children, actress, and cook, she felt there was something missing in her life and that was “male attention.”

To be honest; I get it.  Allow me to explain why.  Sometimes even when you’re in a relationship and have a career; a woman needs to be reminded that \”she’s still got it.” Now I’m not saying that a “hey beautiful” text needs to come throughout the day; but occasionally, a compliment from another male while strolling through the mall; or even while standing in line in the bank, is flattering. 

Some people view this as validation.  I see it as confirmation.  In Ayesha’s case; she’s had three babies since marrying Steph.  I’m sure her body has taken on another form.  She wasn’t saying she wanted another man; she expressed that she sees the many beautiful women who come up to her man and fall all over him even when he doesn’t give them attention back.  Ayesha was stating that she was just wondering if other men look at her since she is only thirty years old, has three children and with time we do age.

In my opinion, the response she received from Jada Pinkett was right when she stated; “most importantly your husband knows you’re beautiful.” Steph Curry gives Ayesha the utmost respect.  And that is all most woman want to receive.



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