The Best Conversations Are at Community Meetings

When you have questions about what\’s happening in your community, consider attending your local ANC meetings.  ANC 5A held their Community Meeting at Trinity University in the Rose Palor.
Chairman Ronnie Edwards was ready to get the meeting started despite many Commissioners not being present, but were excused. Councilmember McDuffie stopped by to address any concerns that the constituents had along with clarifying the adjustable medium income (AMI).  Which was a great transition for the next presenters on the agenda MIRV, LLC.  The development company discussed their zoning map amendment for the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center which was approved in 2008.
\"\"The proposed development includes prospects of re-configuring the neighborhood to be more vibrant and active place, and an anchor for experience.  The hotel and Convention Center will be located near Michigan and Irving Street in the Northeast quadrant of the district.  Once the traffic patterns start to change, maybe that should be a signal that the new vibe is underway for a more active place.
In the event you need further resources on development projects or do-it-yourself projects, perhaps you just want a good book to read the Lamond-Riggs Library will possibly be the place to go once it has been rebuilt.  Robert Oliver gave attendees an update on the $20 million dollar project which has been approved.  A survey was conducted with 197 participants.  The survey\’s gave feedback on what the community wanted from STEM learning, to reading, along with computer application training.
Meeting attendees had an opportunity to learn about the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability.  The agency arrived on time considering the primary elections are around the corner.  Not just that, the agency is responsible for administering Code of Conduct of the Council of the District of Columbia.