What\’s the Move Monday? Big Chief

Get on down to Big Chief located in Ivy City, Ward 5 DC at 2002 Fenwick St., NE.  Not only can you host your event at Big Chief, they even host and curate their own events! Even though they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, there are tons of happenings during happy hour and especially during the weekends.  The Brass Connection Band is one of their main attractions on Friday and Saturday nights. They have exclusive accommodations, so be sure to check the event calendar.  Manager, Paris Hines invited us personally, and boy oh boy was it a delight. So much dancing and grooving; such a perfect time.

New Orleans at the Big Chief

Research is key when reporting, however, no information was known about Big Chief other than missing its grand opening. We found out what Big Chief was all about. Moreover, when walking inside, instantly the vibe of the New Orleans French Quarter was in the air, especially with the French greeting \”laissez les bon temps roulez!.\”  It sure was a good time to be a Big Chief especially to witness Electrosoul 7 Showcase.  Be sure to visit Big Chief such a great venue in the city with much hospitality located in Ivy City at 2002 Fenwick St., NE


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