Black History Month Continues Because It\’s American History

As Black History Month makes its exit to stage left, will #Wakanda live forever?  Only time will tell, however the Black Panther movie is making much money.  Did the movie make up for the 28 day celebration of Black History Month?  Not quite, but it is certainty on the verge.
Will people still be eager to educate themselves on the contributions which blacks have made in America after today?  Perhaps. Although, we acknowledge the contributions of blacks during one month out of the year, Black History Month is American history.  Sort of separate but equal.  Similar to the conditions of the blacks in the South.  Separate in the aspect of access to quality living standards beyond the slave quarters and cotton fields.  Furthermore, equal in the essence of living beings.
Let\’s not limit our learning to focus groups along with case studies.  From time to time they can lack all the elements to bring forth an accurate analysis.  And don\’t just learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He is America\’s favorite somehow, but there are plenty more great contributors to America who are black.  Frederick Douglass came long before Martin was thought of.  In fact about 200 years ago, Frederick Douglass was born and would later bear the name \”Lion of Anacostia.\”  If it were not for the contributions of blacks in America where would our nation be?  Who would cover the Capitol?  Who would have done the hard labor low-wage job?
The celebration is over, but the learning can continue.