Black History Month Film Festival

During Black History Month, Mayor Muriel Bowser\’s Office of African American Affairs and Urban Film Review presented the \”2018 Black History Film Festival.\”
There\’s a possibility that if blacks in America are educated about Black Films along with Black Film Directors during the month of February while honoring Black History Month, they would most likely retain the information.  Maybe it gives more meaning and purpose to a group of the American population who are most likely rejected from recognition during the remainder calendar months.
The idea along with the potential for a black American film maker to break the box office during the 1920\’s was simply a wish on a paper perhaps.  Ready or not \”Shuffle Along\” came right on time.  Although it\’s a musical, it was a body of work co-written by Eubie Blake.  Moreover, the first Broadway Show written, produced, and performed by blacks.  Only if Vimeo, or Kweli TV were accessible and available back then?  Maybe more blacks would own more movie production studios along with distribution companies, and the copyright.
Luckily the times have changed for the better.  Today, filmmakers don\’t have to wait on anyone else direction but their own.  This gives them the creative freedom of expression in their body of work.  It also allows a cost effective distribution method.  Many black creatives, no need to mention a specific category have been swindled out of their body of works.  Or paid a non-desirable and decent living wage.  Currently, comedian, talk show host and actor Mo\’Nique has asked for her supporters to stand with her to boycott Netflix.  She believes the earrings are not sufficient or compliment her resume.  She reassured her supporters \”I love us for real\” during her protest.
Black Directors today, have the ability along with access to tools – to make a quality and desirable motion picture, documentary, or short film worthy to be featured during the Pan African Film Festival or even the Black Film Festival in DC.  Does having access readily and available translate into a tremendous film?  Not necessarily, the quality needs to be worthy to watch.  During the DC Black Film Festival held at the Lincoln Theater, film Director and actor Tim Reid suggest anyone can make a movie, but \”the quality of the work has fallen.\”  Moreover, one of the panelist speaking about \”Business and Legal Aspects of Filmmaking,\” suggest in unstructured situations you have to create structure, set up a system.


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