Book Club

I’m probably the last person in America to jump on the E-reader trend. I actually prefer to have actual books in my hands. There’s nothing like flipping the pages. Alas, I got with the 21st century when I realized that the E-book is literally half the price of the physical copy. My need for frugality quickly overtook my love of nostalgia. I know there are other options for finding actual books in a more affordable manner, but the millennial in me needs to have things NOW. So with my new excitement, I decided to do something fun and start a book club!

A lot of our generation doesn’t read. It’s really a shame when people my age and younger don’t see the importance of picking up a book. How will you learn if you don’t read? Even reading comic books can open your mind to words, things, or places you might not have known before. We’re so used to the cliffs notes, and movie adaptations that we ignore the excitement of getting to visualize the characters using our own imagination. It also isn’t fair that physical books are $30 a pop. The price alone is turning a lot of kids away. I’m choosing to be the change I want to see by putting more effort into reading.  

Here’s how the book club will work. I’ll give the title to the book I’m reading. At the end of the month I’ll review and share my thoughts sans spoilers. Most of the books chosen will be authored by women, or people of color, because we are underrepresented in the literature world. Unfortunately, the assumption is that Black people don’t read. Authors don’t get the funding they deserve because of that stereotype. The first book on the list is We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. Happy reading!


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