Bring America Back To Life

Today could\’ve well been \”Heart Health Awareness Month,\” because the hearts of America and American\’s were on both ends of the spectrum on Capitol Hill this morning.  From either direction, the mega hertz were unleashing at a voltage not sure the current broadband system or healthcare system could handle.

Need Life Line

The Healthcare bill needs much resuscitation at this current moment.  But before that happens, emergency disaster teams and doctor\’s need to be able to communicate with one another to save American\’s- especially those in rural areas.  It will be a shock to learn who will be saved first and with fair treatment.

While waiting over 65 minutes, my heart certainty had time for the uncertainty which was inside the Energy and Commerce Communication and Technology Hearing room in the Rayburn Building.  Off the record- it was worth the wait. However, not sure how much longer American\’s can wait on a healthcare bill which allows for decent medical treatment coverage.  Nonetheless, it will be pleasant to learn when the FCC will extended its jurisdiction beyond TV programming with particular regards to regulations for online streaming closed captioning, along with the enforcement of more diverse and positive media platforms.


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