Bye, Bye, Elephant\’s and Donkey\’s, It\’s A New Party In Town

Breaking News! A new party has arrived in Washington, DC as of late, last Friday night, The Silent TurnUp Party is here to stay.  This news comes at a critical time in Washington, where many politicians are loosing patience with current legislation.

Talk about on time breaking news! While the Democratic and Republican parties take a brief sabbatical to strategize for the best resolutions for their residents, a more reliable, free, and fun party has arrived in Washington, The #Silentturnup Party!  Powered by Kisha Humphries – this party only requires an identification card, open mind, and be ready to groove at your own beat!

In fact, you don\’t have to go far to attend the Silent TurnUp Party, it launched at Halftime Sports on H Street, NE, in the District.  If you haven\’t seen or heard about the Silent TurnUp Party, tune in to see this party work together!


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