CAVA after Christmas

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year!  After spending much of your cash, and running up credit card bills for Christmas gifts, affording to dine out can look rather dim.  Don\’t be down for too long though.  CAVA wants to bring much joy and delight to your palate this holiday season with \”food that fills you and fulfills you too.\”  Most certainly CAVA lives up to that slogan, and tonight I was in for a spectacular treat – free food with a drink!  No one is offering these spectacular deals this season, but CAVA is.


What better way to celebrate the season with CAVA on H Street, especially when the meal is made with organic ingredients, and to top it off- being free!  Don\’t miss Wednesday\’s special, which includes the first 200 bowls free!  Be sure to arrive at CAVA when it opens at 11:00 a.m.

Tonight\’s spectacular season deal really melted my heart, and the pita was very tasty!  The service is stellar, and they even recommended a dressing for my pita.  They asked me which item from the menu was I having.  To which I replied \”whatever is free.\”  I had all of the fixings except protein because I gave up meat months ago. Black lentils, beets, cucumbers, with eggplant and red pepper sauce, so savoring.  Get your phone and mark your calendar for tomorrow\’s bowl special.  Arrive early so you can get your free bowl.  Meals are most enjoyable when they are free, think you can agree to that!  CAVA is conveniently located at 523 H Street NE.

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