Challenge Accepted: Week 3 Wrap Up

   The third and final week of The 22 Day Revolution was where I reached the end of my rope. I stuck to three recipes again this week. Shopping became easier. Even with all the adjustments from last week, my free time was still missing. Here’s the recap of the last week and my final thoughts.

Breakfast – Oatmeal with Fruit: Nothing else to see here!

   Lunch – Baked Sweet Potato with Cuban Black Beans: This was another recipe that I had to add seasoning to. I ended up adding half a sazon packet to make this edible. I also had to nix the avocado since the ones I bought weren’t ripe. Monday morning, I put my meal in the work refrigerator and went about my day.

   I went to eat at 3:00 and discovered my lunch was STOLEN! Stealing lunches is inconsiderate and dishonest. Nobody is spending their hard earned money, and taking time to prepare food just to unknowingly feed strangers. I at least deserve to know who\’s meal I made. Luckily, I had money to by myself Chipotle.

   Dinner – I made a vegetable stir fry using all of the remaining vegetables I had. I didn’t love it. However, I ate it anyway as to not waste my money. As with the rest of this program, you may win a battle but the war will definitely be lost.

Final Thoughts

   While I did see some results, The 22 Day Revolution is not accommodating to the working population. There was no consistency. The recipes needed work, the shopping list was terrible, and there were no portion sizes. I was becoming stressed out from trying to workout each morning, and cook meals each night. At the end of the day, I had maybe 30 minutes to call my own after dishes and cleaning. I can’t even imagine if I had children to take care of in addition to this.

   Making three recipes a week eased the burden slightly, but my results definitely stalled. I ended up losing 15 pounds and discovering two new recipes to add to my rotation. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that is new to the vegan lifestyle, or to someone that truly wants to learn how to eat healthier. This is definitely an extreme diet disguised as a lifestyle change.


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