Change Coming to Saratoga Avenue

On February 15, 2015, The DC Voice wrote an article about the future plans for Brookland Manor. \”Mid-City Financial Reveals New Brookland Manor Plans\” was one of our first articles on upcoming changes to Saratoga Avenue in Ward 5.  I drove through Saratoga today and realized that the transformation is starting. The fences are up and the doors are boarded on several buildings! But where is everybody going? That\’s the question The DC Voice will be exploring over the next few months as these plans unfold. Your opinion of the changes on Saratoga Avenue depends largely on what you think about Brookland Manor. Do you think the change is overdue and you can\’t wait until the area is rid of this nuisance?  Or do you wonder what going to become of the displaced families?

On the other hand, you may have been raised in Brookland Manor by a mother or grandmother who did all they could to keep you on track, out of trouble, and on the right path. Or you might be one of the mother\’s I heard witnessing at a Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association meeting one evening.  She spoke of the generations of her family that had achieved their Master\’s Degrees by being able to afford the housing Brookland Manor provided. You might also be concerned that blocks of people are being herded out of Ward5. Moved to who knows where to live in conditions that a lot of people could care less about.

Changes on Saratoga Avenue

It\’s easy to be excited about the changes to this area of Ward 5 and never give a second thought to the underlying message. We continue to revel in the changing landscape while ignoring the growing displacement. As long as areas like Saratoga are only associated with crime, drugs, and delinquency it\’s easy to not be concerned. But what about the hundreds of success stories? Yes, the thousands of kids that grew up in Brookland Manor to go on to lead successful lives and careers. They\’re out there and The DC Voice is going to find them over the upcoming months and tell you their stories. Stay tuned!

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