Confidence and Encouragement: Sun\’s Out, Buns Out

Body Confidence is Essential to Happiness.

With summer around the corner, time for fun in the sun has arrived. Unfortunately, it is also peak time for body shaming. For some reason, people love to take pictures of overweight men or women and include cruel jokes. Body shaming is wrong and extremely disrespectful. Everybody, no matter their size or shape, deserves to enjoy the weather in whatever they feel comfortable wearing.  With that said, I have words of encouragement for the victims, and a little something for the culprits as well.  

For the Body Shamed: Love yourself and be happy! Wear shorts, crop tops, bikinis or whatever makes you happy. Accept your stretch marks or cellulite as a part of who you are and learn to love them too. When you accept your “flaws,” it is harder for people to hurt your feelings. Wear something you feel beautiful in and your confidence will shine through. Search #sunsoutbunsout and #bodypositivity on Instagram if you need some extra encouragement. Do not think you have to wait until you lose weight to enjoy your life. Ignore hateful words and stay away from hateful people. It also doesn’t hurt to have a clapback ready in case somebody tries your patience.

For Body Shamers: STOP IT! Find the reason you have to shame someone else. Does their confidence intimidate you? Is it your own insecurity or jealousy? It is neither funny nor cute. When you truly enjoy your life, you do not need to bully others. Back-handed compliments are just as hurtful. Think about how you would feel if someone said these things about you, your mother, sister, or best friend. If you are truly heartless and don’t care about any of those things, stay home. You will not be missed if that’s all you have to add to a conversation. If you’re around someone bullying another and you don’t attempt to correct them, you are equally guilty.

I have made the decision to wear what makes me feel good and to not take any BS from anyone that tries to make me feel less than. I will not fear shorts, miniskirts, crop tops or bikinis and I will not allow body shaming among my friends and family. Follow my lead, enjoy the summer with #sunsoutbunsout!



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