Credibility in a Trend and Thread Society

The American society has advanced to the point of no return, literally! Just think of all the #trends and #hashtags you encounter on a daily basis? Not to mention the new wave, artificial intelligence.  If all of this vanished, what would the people do?  Many would most certainty miss President Trumps tweets about his plans for America, along with his ongoing struggle to clarify communication with the \”fake news media.\”

The Missing Thread

When trends and threads lead the way in any society, there are many possibilities for \”fake news\” this and \”fake news\” that to surface.  Especially when anyone can create a profile, blog, or website.  Nonetheless, the truth shall set everyone free- besides news reporting is supposed to be unbiased, fair, balanced, and factual at all times; this could ultimately be where the journalist credibility lies.

Let\’s go back a few #trends, #threads, and #hashtags to figure out where did the \”fake news\” derive from.  Was it #HillaryClintonEmails, #Pizzagate, #ImpeachTrump, #FindOurGirls, or #NotMyPresident?  Perhaps it began during the Presidential campaign trail?  That\’s when alleged emails surfaced containing information about Hillary Clinton\’s campaign manager John Podesta and child sex trafficking.  Which supposedly took place at Comet Pizza on Connecticut Ave in DC.  Or maybe it was after Edgar Welch, 28 from North Carolina came to DC on a mission to with a rifle and a revolver to \”self investigate\” #Pizzagate.  Furthermore, some extensive investigative journalism can reveal the missing threads.

If I recall correctly, Hillary Clinton denounced the \”fake news\” during her campaign run.  Then talks and rumors of Russia interfering in the Presidential election circulated the internet.  After that; the demand for President Trump to reveal his income taxes started to trend, then he wins the election.  Despite the wiretapping of a private conversation in which then \”business mogul Trump\” is saying \”grab em by the pu**y.\”   President Trump has been conducting himself as a commander-in-chief, and with over 100 days in his position, he hasn\’t made an attempt to tweet any tax information.

While the American people wait for the grand reveal of  President Trumps tax information, Facebook has since capitalized on the  \”fake news\” trend implementing and establishing its \”content clearing house\” agency.  With connecting over 1 billion people, Facebook is reaching beyond the threads creating employment opportunities for over three thousand individuals to classify and determine news credibility.  Perhaps this will aide in President Trump not banning press from the White House.

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