Crummell School Follow-up Meeting

September 19, 2015









The follow-up meeting to the July 29th meeting was held today at Trinity Baptist Church – one block away from the Crummell School building. The meeting was held to provide feedback from the July 29th meeting as well as solicit more input from the Ivy City community. There was a nice turnout on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. The meeting was attended by other Ward 5 residents and supporters. The primary focus of the meeting was to ask the audience to prioritize the purposes they would like for the building.


The choices were Public Uses (Recreation/Community Center, Job Training/Workforce Development, Library, Arts Center, and Health/Wellness Center), Public Spaces & Amenities (Active Use, Passive Uses, Cultural or Historical, and Public Art),  and Development Use (Neighborhood Serving Retail, Destination Retail, Small/Local Business Opportunities, Incubator Space, and Residential). The areas that appear to have garnered the most stickers, that were used for voting were: Public Uses: Recreational/Community Center, Public Spaces: Active Uses, and a noticeable protest vote under Development Use.


As is typical for these kinds of meetings, the audience raised several questions near the end of the meeting asking for next steps and whether the community will continue to be engaged as the process moves forward. Although there was not a scheduled follow-up meeting, the audience was advised that emails will be sent as future meetings are scheduled. Make sure you are on the Ward 5 listservsx to ensure that you are notified.



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