Cypress Hill, Cannabis Clouds, and Cool Weather: It\’s Time for A Celebration

\"\"If the cliche\’ \”three times is the charm,\” holds any truth, then the National Cannabis Festival was certainly, without any doubt the place many truly wanted to be this past weekend.  Not many missed the memo for inviting consumers interested in the cannabis culture, who like attending concerts in wonderful weather conditions, while learning in one central space. There were so many people that I\’d lost count after entering the festival.  The obvious catch is that the National Cannabis Festival has created a campaign that is here to stay beyond the smoke in the clouds at RFK Stadium on this past Saturday.
What began in 2015 as an idea when a small group of cannabis enthusiasts who joined together around the idea to create The National Cannabis Festival – an event celebrating progress on marijuana legalization in DC and across the nation.  The founders envisioned a festival recognizing the spirit of the cannabis movement and the non-profit groups that have fought for so long to end marijuana prohibition.  From the first 5,000 in attendance back on April 23, 2016 to over 10,000 this past Saturday, April 23, 2018,  the National Cannabis Festival has attracted people from the District, Maryland, and Virginia, to the shores of Mississippi, Ohio, and Atlanta.
With a star-studded lineup consisting of the likes of Cypress Hill, Back Yard Band and many more artist many festival goers were looking forward too much fun.  For some it was their first time attending the festival while some are continuous supporters sharing the sentiment of enjoyment from their expressions.  Many of the first timers said they would consider coming back to the festival.  Not sure how many strains of marijuana I encountered, moreover it was a great learning experience.  Tune in…

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