Days of Technology

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Three technologies that I use regularly and feel I can’t live without are my cell phone, television, and computer. I use my cell phone regularly because it helps me call and contact my peers, family, and provide an outlet to the world. I use my television regularly because it lets me know what’s going on in the world and informs me of important information. I use my computer regularly when I have an important thing to research and type up a report.

The year I was born (1999) cell phones had a compact look to them. They had a screen, an internal antennae, better graphics on screen, and a much smaller package than previous phones. In the 90\’s televisions, such as plasma and LCD, were in the experimental phase. The standard cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions still led the market. However, the television did get some new features such as picture in picture, sleep timers, and parental controls.

In the 1990s, the computer changed the face of the earth when a British computer scientist by the name of Sir Tim Berners-Lee dug up the World Wide Web. It made the world such a smaller place.  We now have access to other businesses and people all over the world – this was just the beginning. Thanks to the help of Bill Gates and Windows we have software bundled office productivity applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft launched Windows 3.0 with a streamlined user interface graphics and improved protected mode capability for Intel 386 processor.

To me in another 15 years these three forms of technology will make huge progress with how they look and operate. I think that the cell phone will eventually have holograms and you will be able to see a 3D version of whatever you are looking at and let you revolve around it. Television in another 15 years might let you be able to touch whatever is through the screen and maybe even smell it as well. Of course, I’m using my imagination but who says it\’s impossible? Maybe since the computer was the first technology to take that major step with the World Wide Web they might be the ones to take the next big step with a holographic keyboards and maybe let your finger be the mouse without even having to touch anything. But of course I\’m just throwing out ideas, but you never know.

But even though all of this technology is good and it advances things in communication, it gets people out of touch with the real world. If these technologies do have major updates like this, people will never leave their house, would stay at home, and try to find their way through life only using technology. For instance if cell phones do get that major jump in technology (holographic images) some people probably wouldn\’t even want to speak to people in real life. They would just call them and have a conversation while looking at each other and never actually meet up. If they don\’t meet up they won\’t be able to do anything together and there is but so much you can do together over the phone – it takes away from the relationship. Even now some people just talk to one another and don\’t have to see each other to have that kind of relationship, but yet they still feel like they know that other person over the phone.

As for the television aspect of things, people don\’t want to go out and watch the stuff they see on TV because they feel as if they can get a better view of the game at home. But what these people aren\’t grasping is the fact that it takes away from the experience. You can watch a game from home, but I guarantee you, there is somethings that they are not shown that you they might miss, like an altercation during commercial breaks or something of that nature. Also if there is a problem with the network connection they are done for. Same thing goes for the computers; people can actually just stay at home and work online. They don\’t have to leave the comfort of their own house for work or a job.

I personally hope that we don\’t rely on technology too much because there are certain things that technology should not be able to control. Like being the boss of a company. I\’m sure that people would not want some robot telling them what to do and what not to do. I fear that soon we might get overrun by technology to the point where they will be more capable of doing things instead of a man.

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