The DC Voice Attends Council Ceremony

It was a rather rainy, and damp start on today, for the Swearing In Ceremony of recently elected ward Councils.  The people weathered the conditions and filled the Walter E. Convention Center for the ceremony.  Kick off was at 10 o\’clock, and on time for the master of ceremony Bruce Johnson to take the stage.  Mr. Johnson kept the ceremony going at a steady pace, and most timely fashion.

While explaining the seriousness of the oaths of office, Mayor Muriel Bowser was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters.

On time, and with many people in attendance, let the swearing in begin, starting with Councilmember At-Large David Grosso whose plan is to close the education achievement gap, and continue to push the ban on expelling elementary students in school.  His plans also include promoting Arts & Humanities, and protecting the rights of all residents after being sworn in by the Honorable Richard Sippel.  Next up was Councilmember At-Large Robert White, Jr.  After over coming the impossible, and with his hand on the Bible, his oath administered by the Honorable Congresswoman Norton.  White gave much thanks to his family, and especially his wife who is his backbone.  He plans to put the people first before the posh buildings.

I swear, with no hand on the Bible

Not sure if this next oath should be re-administered or not, since Councilmember Brandon Todd didn\’t have his palm placed on the Holy Bible which was present while at the podium.  However, sure his constituents will be able to count on him this term, nonetheless he plans to tackle affordable housing while sending constituents looking for employment to, but \”new jobs and opportunity are flowing in our city\” he says.  The benefits for Ward 4 residents gets even better since the University of the District of Columbia will have a legal clinic for seniors.  Before taking his seat, he stressed that he will continue to fight for seniors, good paying DC jobs, and make deliberate and honest decisions on behalf of residents of Ward 4.

Many in attendance came out to support recently elected Councilmember Vincent C. Gray of Ward 7, and Councilmember Trayon White of Ward 8.  After taking the oath, Councilmember Gray promised to provide action in response to people\’s problems, and he refuses to accept anything less than a success.  He shared with those in attendance that more than 400 residents came out to a recent community gathering, dedicated their time, and more positive ideas for bettering the city.

\”All is not lost\” says Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White speaking to the audience after taking oath.  He thanked his ancestors-one in particular the late great Marion Barry, and reiterated that \”We the People\” campaign showed people what we can do, in November we defied the odds.  Councilmember White wants his constituents to know \”time of talking is over,\” and serving is something that we must do while holding him accountable, because no one gets a pass he says.

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