The DC Voice Attends TRUMP Hotel Grand Opening

It was a cold crisp Wednesday morning in the district awaiting the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Trump International Hotel.  One thing for sure, the staff were on time and ahead of schedule.  Upon our 6:40 AM arrival, we just missed the press set up but had plenty time to figure out what the chef was preparing for the special guest.  While waiting in the lavish lobby with many chandeliers, and fresh floral arrangements, a gentleman walks in and says \”wow, fantastic.\”

Much has changed at the prime real estate on Pennsylvania avenue. Especially since the soft launch of restoring the Old Post Office.  According to Trip Advisor, the price of a night\’s stay for a premier room is $396.  The hotel front is no longer plastered with \”black lives matter,\” and no early rising demonstrators to say the least.  The sweet sounds of Stevie Wonder\’s \”there\’s a ribbon in the sky for our love\” came through the surround sound minutes before the press could check-in and go thru security.  After a test shot for the secret service, we were able to gather our equipment and find a place to position ourselves for the arrival of the next potential president, Donald J. Trump.

Trump International Hotel- Another Family Business

The podium had been polished, and the moment Washington had been waiting for finally arrived.  The Trumps welcomed guest to the Grand Opening of another booming family business venture.  Ivanka Trump expressed her gratitude for her father and the business, along with a special thank you to Congresswoman Norton for her dedication over the last two years, in conjunction with GSA to author the prime real estate purchase.

It is unfortunate that within those two years the cost of living in the district has tripled, and affordable housing is on the border of extinction. Perhaps, GSA should work with the Housing Authority and hire Ivanka to help combat the housing crisis in the city, since job creation has been implemented, and the hotel is fully staffed.  \”A good sign, a sign of a political leader is how hard his or her team works when the boss is not there, my father\’s team have worked very, very hard on this building,\” says Ivanka Trump.


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