The DC Voice Follows TRUMP\’s Triumphant Journey

The unthinkable yet, the undeniable happened on November 8, 2016. A shift in the paradigm of American politics when Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America.  Yes!, you read it correctly, Trump is America\’s President, and intends on making America great again!  With no prior government experience and much experience in the Board Room, America is certainly a different reality and apprenticeship.  Many people thought Trump\’s nomination for President of the United States was a political performance act until the results were announced early Wednesday morning.

Donald Trump didn\’t make an appearance in scene one, act one when Republican runners Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were trying to convince America they too were great candidates for President. Then there was the only princess, former First Lady Hillary Clinton.  It wasn\’t until America started to \”feel the Bern\” that she changed her strategy, taking the win for the Democratic nomination.  Not sure if the constant cough kicked in before or after the endorsement, but the people went from \”feeling the Bern\” to being \”with her.\”  While the people were making their adjustments, the Republican party was in a disarray not sure who would be a candidate strong enough to defeat Clinton.

On the quest to Make America Great

Just in time before Congress would take a break, a few Republican\’s backed by the NRA were in favor of supporting Donald Trump as the potential Republican Presidential nominee.  On a quest to \”Make America Great Again\” Donald Trump took advantage of the use of social media. Not sure if his leverage of word choice was great, but the use of social media had a major impact and influence on his win.  America hadn\’t seen this platform of politics since the Reagan Era.  We can even look back at Obama\’s administration grassroots campaign component and see some similarities and much difference, however a shift in strategy along with demographic of the voters changed.  Not to mention the electoral college determined who wins the election resulting in Trump\’s victory.

Moreover, fights broke out at many of the rally\’s along his journey to greatness.  Some of the fighting has continued even after Trump winning the Presidency, along with major protest.  The protest is not out of a voter disenfranchisement, but because of the sound bites and buzz words used by Donald Trump in fear, they may become policy.  Many of Hillary\’s supporters are on a vengeance to rescue America from the turmoil of Trump and are protesting out of retaliation with plans to continue up until the Inauguration.

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