The DC Voice Invades Indie Fashion Week DC

Living in the metropolitan city, many rules and regulations apply, moreover one policy requirement is fashion sense.  Fashion forward policies are enforced, and city citations are issued for individuals confined with no creative freedom of expression.  Fashion is freedom without saying \”I\’m free,\” it allows for individual expression with limitless boundaries and the prints, patterns, and participants were ready for Indie Fashion Week DC which kicked off October 3-9, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Indie Fashion Week DC is for creators, curators, designers, and lovers of fashion, so it was fitting for The DC Voice to attend.  The semi-annual series of events designed to highlight and showcase exclusive, and or original products from independent emerging and sustainable fashion collectives and houses with building a strong fashion community in DC as its goal.  Designer King O was ready for his \”Elevated Opulence\” collection debut, dedicating his designs to his mother and aunt who had just made it through a difficult time.  The fashions didn\’t stop with that debut, the runway was constantly lit with unique designs, patterns, and fabrics at the Indie Fashion Week finale.  From the Industry Mixer to the runway much creative expression was showcased, so it is safe to say no city citations were issued during Indie Fashion Week DC.


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