The DC Voice: an EXCLUSIVE Listen & Talk with Tabi Bonney

It was a tremendous Tuesday in the District, not because of anticipating the outcome of the 2016 Primary Elections, but because invite-only guest were getting ready to experience something for the first time, BANG..BANG..the soulful sounds of the new song by DC\’s own Tabi Bonney featuring Wiz Khalifa.  The DC Voice had the privilege and honor to attend the listening party of Tabi Bonney as he premiered the video to his new single \”Bang Bang.\”  Although Billboard hasn\’t established the songs status, we would like to say \”on the record, Bang Bang is a hit record\” – there you have it!  Many were in attendance at Maketto on H Street in Ward 5 DC, from music industry executives, mangers, producers, radio personalities, artist, and oh, we were there! A host of talented and dynamic people mixed and mingled to the jams of DJ Curley Sue.

After pictures with the talented Tabi Bonney, special invited guest not only listened to great music, by the way, for the record once again, \”FADED\” is also another BANGER!!! BANG..BANG…  But the exclusive opportunities didn\’t stop there, everyone vibes out to the premier video \”BANG, BANG.\”  Not only does Tabi Bonney bring another sound with this song, but the video has much substance and quality, simply the total package!  Many creative unique elements are in the video \”BANG BANG,\” not to mention making it in-sync with the song.  This spectacular event was planned by Montage PR, LLC.  Tune in now to enjoy some of the exclusive night at Maketto with Tabi Bonney.

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