Deadline Drama

Last week was absolute chaos between multiple teams in the NBA including my favorite team the Washington Wizards. But this post is not about the hometown team, but about the possible shift of power that could happen if Anthony Davis can somehow find a way to make it to Los Angeles to team up with LeBron James. This controversy was sparked when Davis dropped claims of not wanting to re-sign with the New Orleans Pelicans, but instead wants to go to a team that at least has a chance to contend for a title in the upcoming years. Which I feel is fair. He has played through his rookie contract of 4 years and now has the option to leave if he wants to. Davis has given all he has over his years in New Orleans by taking them to the playoffs twice during his stint there which hasn’t happened since the early years of Chris Paul.

This shocked the basketball universe because he has long been looked at as the nice guy who doesn’t want to step on any toes, but after he told the front office that he doesn’t wish to re-sign and he is under the same agent as LeBron James, Rich Paul well the scenarios are now among us in abundance. Magic Johnson, chairman, and GM for the Lakers has offered everybody on the team for trade except for their sole star player LeBron of course, in hopes of receiving Anthony Davis before the trade deadline. The New Orleans didn’t even pick up the call.

The Pelicans were in conversation with the Celtics because they have more assets that they could trade for Davis. However, I feel like their plan is to wait until the end of the season to see if Anthony will turn down the money and oh boy… it’s a whole lot of money. Anthony will have the chance to re-sign with the Pelicans and be the first 300 million dollar paid athlete in the NBA. The trade deadline is now over, and we shall see what moves will be made and which ones won’t.

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