Did You Know Before Black History Month, Ancient Egypt Existed?

Just sounding out the word \”Ancient Egypt\” is so rich and beautiful, in fact it was just that; the first dominant civilization in the Mediterranean world.  Luckily, the Egyptian preservation of culture, tradition, and religion, Blacks in America can embrace and fully enjoy the celebration of Black History Month.  Believe it or not \”Queens\” were first established in Egyptian dynasty, along with the world\’s first great empire established stretching from Nubia to the Euphrates River in Asia.  Then came along \”The Greatest Hater of History\” Alexander the Great and took over the Egyptian empire.

Before The Holy Bible and Quran, nature\’s creatures were sacred such as ostrich egg shells often symbolized and represented justice and truth.  Before Jesus Christ, a reborn King of the Afterworld named Osiris was killed and dismembered by his own brother.  His sister Isis and Nephthys, turned into birds of prey cleansing Egypt in search of his remains, which were later bandaged back together into the first mummy.  Before the Ten Commandments was Thoth, god of wisdom, writing, and the moon.  Thoth also kept a record of the final judgement, known as the \”Weighing of the Heart\”.  Music is a universal language  playing a dominant role in the lives of Blacks in America, Egyptians honored Bastet, the goddess of music, love, and self indulgence as well as family fertility and birth.

If the cliche of self preservation holds truth than Egyptian mummies have definitely been well preserved for well over 3,000 years.  Many mummies could adorn neck beads which helped to restore breath through the symbolism of their colors, blue, green, and black calling up water, sky, vegetation and youth.  White, yellow, and red beads represented the sun, light, fire, and blood.  Engraving on monuments and statues encouraged the living to remember and speak the names of the dead and read magic spells out loud.


National History Museum-Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt



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