Divine Love

A pure love driven by compassion and integrity.
A love compelled through the words of shakespeare.
Or a love romanticized in the poems of Edmund Spenser on a passage, a time vessel, floating aboard passionate tides at sea.
O’ modesty she wore, the glamor of an exotic Arabian dame.

A witch of love I pleaded?
A spell summoned on a man’s existence of eternal desire; to adore,

to zeal, to crave.
Like a light piercing the folds of a gem, a luminous charm she reflected.

With a divine glisten, I was blinded.
Jealous of the ground her feet complimented.
The cup her lips laid upon.
The flesh her skin stained.
The rhythm of my heart harmonized with her existence.

With an O’ mighty presence of belle my heart was occupied.
To meet halfway, I drank.

Like souls searching for companionship in the after-life,

we seek one another. Soon to meet.
To touch, to smile, to dream.

~ ‘divine love’

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