DMV 990 Heats Up 2016

Down Town Locker Room (DTLR) presented DMV 990 sneaker launch on Tuesday, August 30 at Lost Society in DC.  For those who are just arriving to the district, the fashion culture in the DMV is a lifestyle, to be quite honest.  On any day in any quadrant of the city you could possibly be called a \”bamah\” if your gear isn\’t fresh, especially your sneakers, but on any day, you can also find at least 10 people wearing New Balance sneakers.

Many cultures make up the DMV which not only influences the fashion but also lifestyle decisions.  One decision which is clear and sort of written in stone is the New Balance sneaker.  One out of every four DMV residents own a pair of New Balance sneakers, and newly launched DMV990 will be released and available for purchase at all DTLR locations on Friday, September 2 just in time for the Labor Day Holiday weekend.  With the distinctive colors, design, and detail you most certainty will be fresh.


The venue was at capacity with many sneaker lovers, fashion forward designers, and celebrities such as WPGC 95.5 morning show host Joe Clair, MMG artist and DC native Fat Trel, author Tony Lewis, Jr. and many more.  The DC Voice had an exclusive interview with the designer of the DMV 990 New Balance Mr. Sanders whose born in DC and raised in Maryland.

The DC Voice: How long did it take to deliver the New Balance 990 from design concept to launch?

Mr. Sanders: 1 year from beginning to end.

The DC Voice: Did anyone assist you in the process?

Mr. Sanders: No one assisted me on the shoe design, but one of my guys designed the box packaging idea I had.

The DC Voice: Why is the New Balance 990 a staple in the DMV culture?

Mr. Sanders: This is a shoe I grew up on and has always been a part of the DMV style like Timberland boots in the Winter.

The DC Voice: What is the cost of the DMV 990?

Mr. Sanders: Men\’s $185 Grade school size $110

The DC Voice: What were some of the influences which helped make your creation come to life?

Mr. Sanders: I always wanted to do something for the home team (DMV) that major companies aren\’t really focused on.

The DC Voice: What words of inspiration can you share with fashion designer\’s currently in the classroom & those who aspire to be fashion designer\’s?

Mr. Sanders: Focus and work on your craft daily and eventually you\’ll see it blossom into what you\’ve been wanting to do.



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