Rain Didn\’t Stop the Stronghold Cookout

Despite Donald Trump\’s attempt to divide America, nonetheless, his tactics haven\’t soaked up the streets in the Ward 5 community.  Organizer\’s of the Annual Stronghold July cookout continued their plans to enjoy Independence Day in the District.  Being though it is 2016, some day\’s it sort of feels like 1776, with less garments.  Especially, since the 2016 Presidential election looks a bit like the Boston Tea Party.  Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has been on a campaign to \”Make America Great\” well, when did America turn bad or spoil is the question?  Furthermore, he and his campaign have been a fireworks show, BIG enough to light the Washington Monument skyline, igniting massive explosions, sparking racial tension, even taking his architectural skills to the next level with border wall blue prints or perhaps speeches.  Is it time for another American revolution? well, not before you find out how the Annual Stronghold July Cookout went.


Night\’s like this, some wish rain drops wouldn\’t fall.  And most certainly it did pour down, later on the rain drops dried up, leaving behind a light mist on Independence Day as residents and friends of the Annual Stronghold Cookout community gathered to enjoy a LIT night.  Yes!  It was most certainly LIT in the northeast quadrant of the city Ward 5 to be exact, from Channing Street to the Nation\’s capitol skyline with cars even stopping to see the fireworks display.  Community event organizers Ibin, Rob, Seed, and Mr. McCray made certain the children had plenty of food, music, fun and entertainment.  Many people brought along their lawn chairs and aligned them on the sidewalk to watch all the beautiful fireworks.  I had worked up a little appetite after gazing in the sky, while standing in line to get a bite to eat, (yes, I did eat) the little girl in front of me asked for a hamburger.  The lovely lady serving the food handed the little girl her hamburger, only for the little girl to hand her a dollar bill.  The lady told her \”thank you\” and declined the dollar, some children still show appreciation these days, most certainly more than what Donald has displayed for America.

The Annual Stronghold July Cookout was a success. Even after the rain drops, nothing could divide this community. In fact, we asked Mr. McCray how long has the cookout been going on, and he replied \”for over ten years, and it keeps growing and growing\” going off like fireworks, July 4, 2016.


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