Donald\’s Circus, Circles Cleveland, the RNC

Not sure if this is a scene from Camelot, or Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus, but Donald\’s Circus sure has his top hat and Ring Master wand in hand ready to fire up America and make it great!  Like pulling a rabbit out of the Republican Party\’s hat, Mr. Trump is the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee. He will be running against the presumptive Democratic nominee, fairy tale email, former First Lady Hillary Clinton.  Now, all America needs to see is who can walk through the ring of fire, and ultimately be the President of this once great nation, America.

Donald\’s Circus

Ironically, the Simpson\’s television show predicted Donald Trump being President in one of its episodes. Reporter Mindy Jo had to get to Cleveland for the clever Trump Show.  In true Ring Master fashion, Mr. Trump walked onto the stage with strobe effect lighting. All designed to enhance his endeavor to make America great, and introduce his third wife, former playmate Melania Trump.

Meanwhile, Melania felt it was necessary to dust off and polish up First Lady Michelle Obama\’s speech to address a different crowd in Cleveland;  the 2016 Republican National Convention.  Is the joke on your or what? Nonetheless, it was imperative that we made it to Cleveland to get a difference of opinion, and to see the Trump Circus Circle Cleveland.  Tune in now.

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