The Doors of Economic Opportunity are Open in DC

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development held its 2nd Economic Development Cluster Open House for District residents at the Walter E. Convention Center on Thursday evening.
Open House Highlights
Off to a warm welcome! Room 146 B was brightly lit.  Many government agencies along with local DC Makers were ready to share their services with residents in attendance at Economic Cluster Open House. \”Today\’s event has been lovely, somewhat helpful information, and I picked up a few fliers\” says life long District resident Earle Wright. Considering the weather in the district has been beyond winter temperatures, our first stop was to visit the environment agency DC Sustainable Energy Utility.  This agency wants to assist residents with saving money on their energy bills along with rebates, and helpful tips.  For more information visit DC Sustainable Energy Utility.
There are various government agencies in the District which are designed to provide tailored services to residents.  Although many residents want to avoid this particular agency – except when collecting a refund check. The DC Tax and Revenue Office is available to answer any District tax questions and residents can prepay any taxes online or go inside any Wells Fargo Bank to pay.  In the event residents have any issues with the bank or homeowners insurance company consider contacting the Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking.  The government agency provides oversight to ensure these companies are not violating insurance and banking laws.  If residents are subject to mistreatment, the agency will assist them with investigators to advocate on their behalf.
Entering the Economic Development Cluster Open House with an existing business has its benefits.  But taking your restaurant, bed-n-breakfast, nightclub or party to the next level, considering stopping by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration.  This agency will help you navigate your way through the wine and spirits world.
The Office of the People\’s Council for the District was in attendance to provide information about their advocacy efforts for consumers of natural gas, electricity, and local landline telephone services.
The doors of the district don\’t close after the Economic Cluster Open House.  Stay connected to the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development for more opportunities for District residents and local businesses.

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