Ward 5: Dumping Ground?

On October 26, 2016, Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a letter to City Council Chairman Mendelson. The letter asked him to consider a proposal to move the DC Department of Parks and Recreation facility from its S Street location to Evarts Street NE. For years, the residents of this section of Ward5 5 have felt they were the dumping ground for all things commercial in the District. Especially commerce that no one else seems to want.

S Street v Evarts Street

Is 2424 Evarts another case of Ward 5 being the dumping ground for all things commercial? Take a look at some key documents associated with this maneuver. Go to A-Lotta-Leases to see some key documents. Pay particular attention to bullet number 5 in the Council Real Estate Contract Summary. It asks for a “specific real property need with the proposed real estate contract”. What makes the S Street location more desirable and marketable than Evarts Street? Stay tuned to see if the residents of this section of Ward 5 do have a voice.

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