Did DUSTY or DALLAS Hold the Throne Down at DC Armory?

The cards were stacked high Friday, May 13th at DC Stadium Armory when RocNation presented throne boxing with most in attendance anticipating to see hometown hero, Hernandez-Harrison defeat Dallas, Jr.  Before the main event Sam Crossed defeated Damion Reed in a packed action four round bout fight.  In round two Crossed delivered many body shots to his opponent Reed, however Reed delivered a jab to Sam causing his head to land outside the ring with a fan yelling \”come on Sam, fight like you mean it.\”  Going into round three Sam delivers a direct blow to his opponent\’s face and by the end of the round both opponents were holding on and landing jabs while the momentum builds up, ultimately with the judges calling the victory with Crossed defeating Reed.


The next boxing match which occurred directly before the main event featuring Dusty versus Dallas, heavyweights Darmani Rock versus Carlos Black entered the ring for a giant four round bouts.  Not sure if Black entered the ring with as much confidence as Rock, and boy oh boy! Rock delivered body blows to Black knocking him out.  It was so quick can\’t recall if there was a second round.  Rock stated \”hard work pays off, I\’ve been working hard.\”  Rock only 20 years of age went hard in the ring for his debut fight against Black.

Now onto the main event Dusty Hernandez-Harrison vs. Mike Dallas, Jr from Bakersfield, California with ten intense round bouts ahead, Dallas went into the ring with determination along with Dusty and anticipated fans were getting ready to see who would hold the throne down in DC Armory.  In round one, Dusty went into the ring confident, but didn\’t deliver many jabs to his opponent.  By round bout three Dusty\’s left eye looked to be bleeding above his brow with fans yelling for Dusty to use the jab.  Round bout five Dusty hits Dallas behind his head then gets knocked out.  After getting up heading into round six, Mike\’s momentum and tact was still strong landing jabs to the body of Dusty.  By round seven, Dusty unloaded a combination on Dallas, \”that hit to the face looked like a South East move\” says Byrd, with Made in the DMV.  Once the referee separated the opponents, Dusty got a hit to his jaw.

One thing for certain Dusty was able to block many of the jabs which Dallas delivered, however Dusty didn\’t deliver and land as many jabs to the body of Dallas.  Perhaps Freddy Krueger clawed the judges vision in making the decision, so ultimately who disappointed their fans or did the judges disappoint the fans with their split draw decision?

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