\”Edge City\” Ward 5 Washingtonian\’s Want More


The culture and heritage of Ward 5 resounds around the District in the midst of the constant change and city plan phases.   What\’s often times unanswered are the wants and needs of the residents of the largest ward in the District of Columbia, Ward 5.  Whether it\’s riding metro, going to work, attending events at the MayFlower Renaissance Hotel, or maintaining a company\’s computer, Ward 5 Washingtonian\’s are moving and making things happen in the District of Columbia, but whose addressing their community needs, wants, and desires?

While at the MayFlower Hotel Marcus Hughes, a DC transplant now a Ward 5 resident was asked \”What do you want to see happen for Ward 5? he replied, \”I am starting to see more gentrification near Brentwood Manor and as Ward 5 advances people will not be able to keep up with the financial changes around them.\”  Mr. Hughes attends the University of the District of Columbia with curriculum focus on Political Science and Pre-Law.  Luckily,  for Mr. Hughes he knows to call on his Council member Kenyan McDuffie if in need of constituent services, since he did contact their office for energy assistance, and Council member McDuffie\’s office was able to provide the necessary assistance.

Ward 5 is constantly changing with new business and more developments.  Sometimes change is good, but change can create some not so cost effective circumstances and this seems to be a concern of Ward 5 resident Jackie Dye.  Ms. Dye who was raised in Ward 5, and works for a hotel wants to see lower housing she says \”make it more affordable.\” She along with a group of concerned workers plan to meet with Council member -at-large Vincent Orange to address their concerns of the new online hotel company Airbnb\’s contract \”we don\’t think it\’s fair taking away jobs\”, says Ms. Dye.

Born at Washington Hospital Center, Ward 5 Washingtonian Timothy Barnes wants the days of affordable housing to resonate when he attended elementary school at Emory.  Mr. Barnes says \”I don\’t like how the cost of living is raising the price of homes has doubled from $350,000 to $600,000 then sell the home for $1.4 million dollars.\” Maybe  McDuffie can figure out a plan to help combat the issue of affordable housing.  Mr. Barnes has contacted the Council member\’s office for constituent services and Council member McDuffie\’s office was prompt with responding and addressing his needs.

Residents of Ward 5 like the convenience and access to metro, however Saidu Kamara wants to see a change in the area like the abandon buildings that they could turn into something else.  Mr. Kamara isn\’t quite familiar with his Council member\’s office and says he would forget to contact their office.  What also seems to be forgotten are some of the wants and needs of the Washingtonian\’s in \”Edge City.\”



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