EVERFi and FISLL Ignite The Digital Era Launching FISLL 306

While many tech start-ups are seeking capital to introduce their plans, EverFi has joined forces with FISLL to launch FISLL 306. FISLL 306 is designed to teach students to think critically about their own personal legacy by exploring the lives of pioneering African-American throughout history.  This interactive digital program was inspired by Allan Houston\’s FISLL brand, which focuses on the tenets of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership and legacy.

The launch took place inside the spectacular Oprah Winfrey Theater at the Museum of African American History and Culture.  Although Oprah wasn\’t in attendance to hand out great gifts, NBA All-Star and founder of FISLL Allan Houston gave jewels of wisdom- sharing with the students of Digital Harbor High. Houston offered \”You pick your battles, but leadership is inside all of us.\”  The students were inspired by Mr. Houston\’s words of wisdom. His University of Tennessee college professor Dr. Cynthia Fleming, told the students \”concentrate on the kind of education that will allow you to fit in this digital society where you are.\”

With much wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration, students of Digital Harbor High were ready to embark on a journey at the museum of African American pioneers whom have contributed so much to the fabric of America.  This tour was designed to enlighten the students of what they to can accomplish through hard work, sacrifice, and integrity. And to teach the students that everyone is a leader, and can build upon their legacy.

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