21\’s injustice

Shockingly, I just finished writing about the decline of immigration, but there has been a lot of controversy bubbling about a star being arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  because of claims of being a citizen of the UK. Rapper/Artist 21 Savage was arrested by ICE 2 weeks ago for being in the United States illegally and was held in high security. This news was baffling to many of his fans including me after seeing this, because we were led to believe the rapper was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. The rapper was supposed to be in attendance at the 2019 Grammy award ceremony, but instead was being held captive by ICE on the night he was nominated for a Grammy.

On Wednesday, February 13th, 21 Savage was released and is currently telling and broadcasting on ABC news, that he feels he has been targeted for being who he is and what he was trying to do. Now, you might ask what was he trying to do? Or why does he feel targeted? Well, let me give you a little background on this popular rapper. 21 Savage wasn’t lying about being from Atlanta. He was arrested at a young age for gun charges and other accusations when he got older by the Atlanta police department. Even when the rapper broke out onto the big scene, he has since gotten arrested for counts of drug use. After hearing this you probably feel like well “he deserves to be in jail” but since his last incident the rapper has changed his ways and is now trying to use his platform and wealth for the better. 21 Savage has started a charity, started investing money, and providing school supplies for children with low income to go to school and help with their education. What should be found as no surprise, as soon as he starts doing some good, the government grabs him up and tries to detain him for claims of being an illegal immigrant. Since his release, the rapper has showed gratitude to Jay-Z for paying for a top of the line attorney to help him come back to the states.

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