Exciting Time to Be in ANC 5D!

March 10, 2015

That was the sentiment at Tuesday\’s ANC 5D meeting when Andrea Gourdine provided an update on Douglas Development Corporation\’s Hecht Warehouse District. The anticipation from the audience was clearly building as Ms. Gourdine worked her way through the presentation on the Douglas\’ NewCity project. The minute she unfolded the 8 by 11 piece of paper containing the latest on the Hecht Warehouse, the oohs and aahs seemed endless. 

The excitement seemed to build as each tenant – Ghibellina, Planet Fitness, Nike, BicycleSPACE, and Petco was announced. At several points Commissioner Henderson interjected \”it\’s an exciting time to work, live and play in 5D!\” The Commissioners went on to praise Ms. Gourdine and Douglas Development for the respect they have shown the ANC and residents of 5D by involving them at every step of the project, accepting their input, and showing respect to the neighborhood. Commissioner Henderson went on to say that other companies could learn a lot from the way Douglas Development has involved the community and that in fact they are the \”standard bearer\” on how community development projects should work.

As if there was nothing else that could lift the spirits in the room any higher, Ms. Gourdine announced that Love Night Club is slated to become a \”family friendly rock climbing\” facility. There was a unanimous sigh of relief that a family-focused structure would replace the controversial night club.   I\’m not sure if Commissioner Henderson said it again or not but it was clear that the sentiment at the end of Ms. Gourdine\’s presentation was that \”it\’s really an exciting time to work, live and play in 5D!\”


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