Wedding Positivity: Here Comes the {Fat} Bride

Embrace your body and enjoy your wedding day.

     From the moment I got engaged, I knew I wanted a small wedding. I always say that I am missing the bride gene because I didn’t spend my childhood planning out my big day like most girls. My wedding plans consisted of “Small wedding, no reception, Dad must walk me down the aisle.\” After the excitement of the proposal wore off, my first thought was “Now I need to lose 60 pounds.” I know I’m not alone in this thinking because there are hundreds of books and articles about getting fit for your big day. Ultimately, I decided “This wedding is going to get whatever body I give it” and you should too.

Relish in the moments spent planning.

     Planning a wedding and dieting are stressful enough separately, why combine the two? Planning and engagement should be a joyous time. Don’t restrict yourself at your cake and dinner tastings. These are things most people experience once in a lifetime. There are a lot of bridal shops in D.C. that specifically cater to plus sizes. You will find a dress you love. With that said, NEVER, EVER, BUY YOUR DRESS IN A SMALLER SIZE! Women do it all the time, thinking they are going to lose weight and don’t lose a pound. That is the worst thing you can do. Dresses can always be made smaller, but can rarely made larger. Trust me, I work in alterations.    

Beautiful brides come in all shapes and sizes.

     Chances are you were already at your current weight when you got engaged. Your finace loves you regardless of your size. The groom isn\’t worried about losing weight. Men have the easy job of just showing up in the suit. Your fiancé should read this if she\’s a woman, too! Being overweight does not make you ugly or unworthy of happiness on your wedding day. Put into perspective what’s the most important. The wedding is only one day. The worst thing you can do is make insecurity the focus of your wedding. There is already too much pressure on women to look a certain way. You will still be a beautiful bride if you’re overweight.



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