The Fat Girl’s Workout Guide: Part II – Activewear

My favorite part of working out is picking out a cute outfit. Sometimes just knowing I have something new to wear gives me motivation to hit the gym. What’s truly amazing is how many activewear brands are catering to plus sizes now. Nike and AdoreMe recently launched plus size active. However, not all plus size is created equal. One thing I hate is when the pattern skews on printed leggings and starts to look white when stretched. To avoid that, look on the inside and make sure the design is either printed throughout or the inside is solid black. Since everyone doesn’t have a Lululemon or Athleta budget, here are some affordable alternatives that don’t compromise on quality.

  1. Old Navy: Old Navy has some of the BEST activewear. The quality is amazing and the prices are extremely affordable. Especially if you catch them during a sale (which is always). They carry everything from outerwear to support garments. They also have a fun selection of prints and colors. Shop Now
  2. Forever 21: Forever 21 has the most affordable activewear on this list. While they have a wide range of items, the outerwear is best. Don’t even bother with the bras if you require any type of support. Forever 21 is perfect for the beginner that doesn’t have that many outfits and isn’t ready to invest just yet. Shop Now
  3. Target: Target’s price point is similar to Old Navy. They have nice matching sets and bras. This is another great place for a beginner looking to quickly build her wardrobe. The only caveat is the in-store selection may not be good depending on your location. However, you can order online if necessary. Shop Now
  4. Torrid: Torrid is another fantastic one stop shop for activewear. Everything is top quality, stylish, and comfortable. The best part is these pieces were cut to fit a plus size body. As a result, there is extra room in the hips, thighs, and tummy area. While it is a higher price point, these pieces last forever. My suggestion is to wait until they go on sale, or use Haute Cash if you’re looking for something less expensive. Don’t be afraid to shop their clearance section either. Shop Now
  5. Lane Bryant: Lane Bryant is equivalent to Torrid in terms of price point and sizing. They don’t have as many color and print options, but they definitely have staple pieces that will last a long time. Perfect investment pieces. The sports bras are phenomenal. Shop Now


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