The Fat Girl\’s Workout Guide Part III – Accessories

Since we’ve already discussed tips, tricks, and activewear, let’s get to the details. Accessories are those little things that can keep you focused and enhance your workout. It can be surprising how certain items can impact a workout. As this is the final installment of this series, I’d like to remind everyone to have fun and enjoy the fitness journey. If you have any question or concerns, consult with your physician. Finally, trust the process. Everything happens in due time. If you’d like to try any of the accessories I mention in this list, I’ve added suggestions that fit every price point. For the more affordable option, click the “New to this” link. For the more expensive option, click “True to this” link.


  1. Fitness Tracker: A fitness tracker is the beginning of the fitness journey. This is one of the most useful accessories if you want to add activity to your lifestyle outside of the gym. It’s ideal to take at least 8,000 steps a day. With a pedometer, you can monitor how many steps you actually take.                                                                                                                                               New To This       True To This
  2. Headphones: If you can invest in wireless headphones, please do! Most of us love listening to music at the gym. Have you ever gotten tangled in the cord during a workout? If not, trust me when I say it’s the worst. Wireless headphones give all the benefits of listening to music without the annoyance of cords getting in the way.                                                                                           New To This       True To This
  3. Waist Trimmer: Not to be confused with a corset or waist trainer, a waist trimmer is great for weight lifting beginners. Waist trimmers don’t have boning in them, so they don’t constrict you in any way. Instead, they keep the core tight and help keep the proper form during lifting.      New To This     True To This 
  4. Shoes: The right shoes will make or break your workout. However, that doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. Check your local sporting goods stores or outlet shops for sales. I\’ve been able to find shoes from well known brands for a fraction of the price.                                           New To This     True To This
  5. Gym Wrap: To all my naturalistas and relaxed ladies, we all know the struggle of sweating out the edges! Knowing that working out will lead to the premature decline of our hairstyle can deter us from reaching fitness goals. That is the exact reason Nicole Ari Parker created the Gymwrap. It is a scarf made from a blend of three fabrics that wick moisture away from the head. As a result, your hair stays dryer, longer. While it doesn’t keep hair completely dry, it definitely keeps it drier than working out sans wrap. I recommend it to anyone worried about ruining their hair during a workout. Get yours HERE!


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