Fenty Beauty\’s Success and What It Means for POC

Photo courtesy of Fenty Beauty and Sephora

The Fenty Beauty launch was a success.

A huge congratulations is in order for Rihanna. Her launch of Fenty Beauty last Friday nearly broke the internet. The launch included lip gloss, contour sticks, brushes and highlighters. However, the star of the show is the foundation. She launched FORTY shades of foundation. Typically, when a company launches foundation, they release 10 shades of beige and one generic brown. After those prove successful, they might add one or two deeper shades. Not Rihanna. She made sure the palest porcelain and the deepest chocolate shades could all find something. Not only that, but she also stocked up products for two years to ensure everyone could get their hands on them. Which is a feat in itself considering the mediocre makeup launches of other celebrities (ahem, Kardashians) who pride themselves on selling out quickly. So what does the success of this launch mean?

What does this mean for beauty brands and consumers?

I’ve already seen brands scrambling to include more women of color in their ads. Estèe Lauder, KKW Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics have recently showcased their darkest shades on social media. Since I don’t believe in coincidence, Covergirl was also quick to announce Issa Rae as their new spokesmodel. I believe we are finally going to start seeing the diversity and inclusion that we deserve. For brands that haven’t expanded their shade range yet, I suggest they do so ASAP. Fenty Beauty is already giving them a run for their money, literally. I don’t understand why it has taken so long for beauty brands to get the memo. Especially when women like Jackie Aina and Nyma Tang have been saying it for years! Fifty shades of beige and one brown isn’t going to cut it. Mediocre products accompanied by celebrity endorsement isn’t going to work. Therefore, I will definitely support Fenty Beauty and I hope you will too.

*Fenty Beauty is available at Sephora and the Fenty Beauty website.


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